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7/7/17 Oakland Metro Operahouse


0. Stoner U Pre-show: Commentary by Screaming Eagle Mike O Shea and Scott Rick Stoner

Super Beast defeated Hip Hop Harry

Ken Masters defeated FONG in the Sing of the Ring Tournament

  • Hoodslam commentary by Broseph Joe Brody, music by The Hoodslam Band

BatManuel started the show by saying he would finally be awarded his shot for winning a number one contenders match a year ago before shoulder surgery for the Golden Gig.  Firstly, he had to clear the air with Cereal Man, who denied interfering in his match last first Friday.  To prove his convictions, he would fight Doc Atrocity immediately.

  1. Doc Atrocity defeated Cereal Man after interference from Botchi the Clown
  2. The Killer Baes (Heather Monroe and Laura James) defeated Nurse Ratchet and Brittany Wonder (with Doc Atrocity and Botchi the Clown) in what was announced as a Best Athlete in the East Bay Golden Fannypacks championship defense, but Doc Atrocity stated that since Nurse Ratchet was pinned, Brittany Wonder remained Champion.
  3. “CM Punk Memorial Trophy Holder” Drugz Bunny defeated Coach Joey Nuggs, FONG, PBJ Banana and Anthony Butabi in a gauntlet match
  4. The CAUTION (Anton Voorhees and Ean Hancement) defeated Shotokan Dojo (Ryu and Ken Masters)
  5. Pissed off Nerdy Gamer PONG defeated BatManuel after interference from a “dark cereal man” to retain the Golden Gig Championship
  6. The Stoner Brothers (Scott Rick and Rick Scott Stoner) defeated Virgil Flynn III and El Chupacabra to retain the Intergalactic Tag Team Championship
  7. Johnny Drinko Butabi defeated James C